The history of the publishing house is the history of a founder personality full of ideas – Wilfried Krauel .
Born in Hannover-Linden in 1940, he completed an extensive training as a publishing house clerk (“Ver-
lagskaufmann”). He worked as an executive employee with Deutscher Fachverlag, Frankfurt am Main,
for many years, before he finally realised his vision of trade journals and founded “Magazin Verlag” in

Its publications called LASER MAGAZIN and SENSOR MAGAZIN, which followed two years later, are
trade journals issued periodically several times a year and are designed for the German market. Special
publications such as the magazine »Optique et Photonique«, which was issued for the French market for
several years, had also been created under his leadership. Wilfried Krauel had recognised what a wide
spectrum was offered by the laser and sensor markets to interested companies, users, research organi-
sations, associations and institutes. With his publications, he wanted to provide an objective and strictly
technically oriented platform for this target group.

From the start, the sound reporting on laser and sensor technology, covering topics from research to
marketable products, has been the most important feature of his trade journals. He also created spe-
cial issues such as LASER MARKT and SENSOR MARKT, the purchasing guides in German and
English language, a must for the entire laser and sensor industry.

A lot has changed over the last years: The publishing house has been managed by a new team since
2004. The appearance of the journals has been modernised and the contents have been adapted to the
changed requirements of laser and sensor technology. However, the motto of the founder of the publi-
shing house has remained: »Quality as a Standard«. And there is one thing you can rely on: Whenever
there are new developments or products – they will be presented to you in LASER MAGAZIN and
SENSOR MAGAZIN, in an informative and competent way, because our focus is on technical articles
based on sound investigation!